Chris Broome, FPFS

Lauren supports both Longhurst and our clients by developing deeply personal good-giving plans, which in turn provide true fulfilment and benefit to all involved (both donor and donee). Lauren has been a fantastic addition to our external team of professional advisers and we highly endorse her services.

Susan Olson, Financial Advisor and Partner, Abacus Wealth Partners

Lauren truly does Thoughtful work. As a financial advisor, I’m a believer in careful research into the recipients of one’s charitable dollars. After all, if you are giving away hard earned money, you want to be sure that it is used in the most effective way possible.

Recently Lauren provided one of my clients with a carefully laid out report on a topic near and dear to them. The report included background on the problem, what might be done to tackle it, and highlights of the related organizations that might be best suited to receive their gifts. The modest fee associated with Lauren’s research is well worth the professional guidance provided to know your charitable dollars are being used effectively.

I highly recommend Lauren Janus and Thoughtful Philanthropy.