For Professional Advisors

As a financial, philanthropic or legal advisor, you’ve invested time and energy in building your relationships with your clients. They expect the best from you, and trust your counsel.

But you may not always have the time or the skills to do the in-depth research that can transform your clients’ giving from ordinary to transformative.

That’s where Thoughtful Philanthropy comes in. I’m a trained researcher and advisor with extensive experience researching and writing on a wide range of topics related to philanthropic giving. My goal is to provide the information that helps you help your client give in a more meaningful, thoughtful way.

What sort of research do you do?
I provide research on most any philanthropic topic and deliver it in an accessible (no jargon allowed), organized format you can either pass directly onto your client, or incorporate into your own materials for them.

In most cases, I’m asked to research specific giving topics–from preserving coral reefs to supporting the development of techniques to fight cancer. But I can also help you and your client understand giving vehicles, best practice in grantmaking or trends in the sector. As an advisor, I can give independent advice on how your client can create and implement a giving plan.

Who pays Thoughtful Philanthropy’s fee?
Generally, advisors will incorporate my fee into their overall client package. You can think of Thoughtful Philanthropy as your specialized research support, enabling you to deliver an exceptional client experience.