For Professional Advisers

As a financial or legal adviser, you know your area of expertise inside-and-out. Your clients turn to you for help and advice on a range of issues affecting their lives, and they trust your counsel.

But no matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are, it’s impossible to be an expert on everything. That’s why Thoughtful Philanthropy supports advisers like you when your clients want to add meaningful, intentional charitable giving to their life plans.

What is Thoughtful Philanthropy?

Thoughtful Philanthropy is a philanthropic adviser service. We partner with professional advisers so that they can support the charitable giving interests of their clients.

In practice, this usually means that a professional adviser will approach Thoughtful Philanthropy when they have a client interested in giving more intentionally to an issue close to their hearts. Sometimes that issue is early childhood education in Africa, sometimes it’s homelessness on the streets of London.

As an independent researcher, I (Lauren Janus) create a report that outlines the issue and the major approaches charities are taking in addressing it. In the report I’ll highlight some opportunities for your client to support specific charities that align most closely with their interests. The report is delivered back to you to discuss with your client, helping you better serve the needs of your client overall.

Why should I offer charitable giving services to my clients?

Because it makes you a more valuable adviser. A 2018 survey found that 74% of wealth advisers felt discussing charitable giving with clients strengthened their client relationships. What’s more, 60% of advisers said that the fact that they offer charitable giving advice has helped them attract more new clients.

What does my client get from Thoughtful Philanthropy?

Your client becomes a more informed, engaged and empowered charitable giver.

Thoughtful Philanthropy’s primary product is a well-researched, clearly written giving report, like these sample reports. The report is designed to give your client the impartial background he or she needs to make an informed choice about where to give in support of a specific issue.

How does the process work?

Imagine you have a client who has expressed interest in being more intentional about their charitable giving.

Maybe they’ve experienced a life event like an inheritance or retirement. Or maybe they just want to give to an issue they’re passionate about—say, protecting native forests or supporting women’s education—in a more meaningful way.

That’s when you contact me Thoughtful Philanthropy. Following some clarifying questions, I dig into the research around your client’s interest. I map out how charities are working to address it, and I lay out the major and minor players, highlighting ones that appear to fit especially well with your client’s interests.

I put everything together into a tidy, accessible report for you and your client to discuss. You can come back to me with questions, and I can even join a phone or in-person conversation with you and your client.

Because I’m an independent adviser, I have no stake in where your client ultimately gives. My job is just to help your client feel really good about his or her decision.

Who pays Thoughtful Philanthropy’s fee?

It’s up to you. Some professional advisers cover the fee as part of their client package, while others ask us to invoice their client directly. At the end of the day, Thoughtful Philanthropy is here to help you better serve your client.

Just keen to learn more about how charitable giving fits with a client’s overall financial strategy?

I’m always happy to chat with advisers about charitable giving. Do have a look at Thoughtful Philanthropy’s resources for professional advisers, and email if you have any questions.