For Professional Advisors

At Thoughtful Philanthropy, I aim to give dedicated professional advisors like you the confidence you need to talk with your clients about their charitable passions and ways to act on them.

Below are some tools I’ve created, and some resources for learning more about philanthropic giving and social change. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and sign-up for the Thoughtful Philanthropy email list for more tools and tips.

Tools for Talking About Giving

GUIDE: Awakening the Millennial Philanthropist; A guide for professional advisors. (November 2017, Philanthropy Impact online).

The coming generational wealth transfer means that an increasing number of financial advisors will soon be competing to attract–and keep–millennial clients. This guide delves into millennials’ deep interest in philanthropy and how you as a trusted advisor can be an increasingly valuable resource for them as they pursue their charitable interests alongside their financial goals.

GUIDE: Three Ways to Talk to Your Clients About Impact Investing (July 3, 2017,

Impact investing is no longer the exclusive territory of large institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is increasingly accessible to individual investors through many low-minimum investment vehicles, including ETFs, mutual funds and even fully diversified portfolios. Here are three ways to begin the conversation about impact investing with your clients, and increase your value to them as a result.

Resources on the Philanthropy Sector

The world of philanthropic giving is wide and rapidly changing as foundations, governments and individuals search out the most effective ways to bring about targeted social change. Include one or two of these excellent resources into your regular reading schedule to become more versed in philanthropic trends and topics.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review. Perhaps the most trusted resource for what’s new and research-backed in the world of social innovation and philanthropic giving. A digital subscription is $40.00 a year. They also have valuable free content through their weekly e-newsletter.

Give Well. Exceptionally robust analysis and advice for how donors at any level can maximize the impact of their donation. Give Well mostly focuses on international health topics, but seems to be widening its lens.

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania. Terrific “High Impact Giving Guides” for several issue areas, such as disaster relief and education in America.


If you’d like to talk more about charitable giving and how to help your clients better act on their charitable passions, please do get in touch. I’m happy to speak with professional advisors over the phone or arrange webinars for small teams.

And of course if you have clients who want to understand how and which nonprofits are working on the issues they care about, I’d be delighted to help. Here are my services.