I'm Lauren, and I want to help you feel thoughtful in how you give your money away.

If you’ve come to this site, chances are you’ve donated money to a worthy cause before. Wonderful! On behalf of those recipients (and I’ve worked and volunteered for plenty of them), thank you!

But perhaps now you want more than the heartfelt thanks of the hard-working development officer. After years in the nonprofit and social change sector, an MBA and a lot of talking with fellow progressives, I know that there are those of us out there who really want to understand the broader context of the issues we care about, and the various approaches nonprofits are taking in tackling the issues.

Here’s where I can help. In my work with clients, I dig into issues the issues they’re passionate about–from fair trade and gun control to AIDS in Africa. I  map out the players and highlight the strategies organizations are  following to solve the issues. I put everything in a tidy report for you to take away and think about before deciding which group/s you will give to.

If you are thinking about an issue or cause you’d like to support–whether it’s the obesity epidemic or the endangered sand cat–but want to be really thoughtful in how you give your money away, please get in touch about becoming a client. I’d love to hear what issues you care about.

About Lauren

I graduated from Carleton College with a BA in International Relations and devotion to the social change sector. Since then, I’ve led change initiatives working for more than 10 years with formidable, for-impact organizations and gained deep insight of the field of nonprofits tackling today’s toughest challenges. I’ve held positions at AARP, The United Way of the Bay Area, The Alliance for Climate Protection and progressive phone company CREDO Mobile in San Francisco. I have an MA in International Affairs and an MBA from the University of California, Davis.

While my family and I are living in the UK, I do communications work for Oxfam Great Britain.

When I’m not thinking about the philanthropic sector, I’m generally out exploring  Scotland with my husband and two young sons.

“Lauren listened to me, asked the right questions and delivered a thoughtful, well-researched report on ways I could support the cause I care most about. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better understand the ways their money can work to make the world a better place.”

Karen, Pullman, WA